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    Domain transfer and change name servers

    Topic geplaatst op: 27-02-2020 om 17:44

    Good evening,

    I have been currently working on redesigning my website and it is currently on random domain name, but hosted on Versio. However when it is ready, I want to transfer the main domain name to it. The current website is under another hosting company and I have all the relevant details to do the transfer.
    2 weeks ago, I decided to transfer my main domain name to Versio and park it here, however the status says incoming. What does that exactly mean? As it is still showing that is it incoming.
    What I am confused about it is whether I should have done the domain transfer after the new site is ready and launched or should I do it before the launch?
    Today, I tried to do a relocation request with the new name servers but an error message came up:
    Domain name transfer failed. Check all data. Transfer is not possible for a domain with statuses "[CLIENT_TRANSFER_PROHIBITED, OK]"

    How can I move forward from this? Much help would be appreciated to understand the situation.

    Thanks in advance!

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