1. Abu Member

    Domin nog niet beschikbaar is!

    Topic geplaatst op: 23-06-2018 om 08:02

    i have question hope to find quick answer >
    i have been registered a domain but after 5 days still the domain not ready , normal it cost 24-72 ahours but now its more than that . i want to know if there is any problem or anythings wents wrong ?

  2. Fabien Versio medewerker
    Reactie geplaatst op: 23-06-2018 om 09:37

    Hi, the DNS is not set for the domain. Please follow these steps in order to link your domain to a hosting package: https://www.versio.uk/articles/156-how-do-i-link-a-domain-name-to-a-webhosting-or-reseller-hosting-account

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