1. Jean-Luc Member

    RPM install : could not resolve host

    Topic geplaatst op: 05-02-2017 om 11:08

    Hi ,
    yesterday I installed htlm2pdf rpm on a local test VM without problem
    today , I want to install html2pdf rpm on my cloudbox using the same tested steps and when trying to catch all dependencies install I consistently get
    could not resolve host < >
    bv Could not resolve host: mirror.serverbeheren.nl

    Is this a security problem / change in operating env. ?
    this type of activity used to work OK
    Any clue ?
    thx - dbv

  2. Jean-Luc Member
    Reactie geplaatst op: 06-02-2017 om 08:17

    Might have to check my apache config. I modified set up to enforce https traffic ...

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  3. Alex Versio medewerker
    Reactie geplaatst op: 06-02-2017 om 09:34

    Did you set DNS servers on the cloudbox itself? You can try to use google DNS

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  4. JL Member
    Reactie geplaatst op: 16-02-2017 om 13:05

    actually I installed a Apache instance to operate as Proxy for inbound security reasons but I believe there now some set up to be done to enable other outbound calls.
    Problem is at my side . working on it

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