1. Jean-Luc Member

    Assigning VM's IP to subdomain - how to

    Topic geplaatst op: 20-11-2016 om 08:23

    Hi there,
    just went through the Forum to find similar topic - did not hence this one
    I would like to assign the IP address of my VM to a sub-domain.
    I did not picked up DA since I have the impression it is more geared to serving website environment.
    I am searching on the web but could not find a procedure to install this
    I have the impression this assignment is external to the VM (one level up) and I do probably not have the rights to do that.
    Does Versio provide a mechanism to do that ?

  2. Fabien Versio medewerker
    Reactie geplaatst op: 20-11-2016 om 10:17

    Hi, we only have support on DirectAdmin VPS servers. If you want to assign an IP address to a subdomain you'll have to change that in the config files of Linux. We don't have a tutorial for this.

    Vond u dit antwoord nuttig?