1. Theo Member

    Howto set the VPS IP address in DNS

    Topic geplaatst op: 16-09-2013 om 09:05

    I have purchased 4 cloudboxes and 3 domain names. I have installed two 2 VPS in the cloudbox and received two IP addresses. When opening a domain in the browser 'e.g. seaoffice.eu', i get a message 'Could not find IP address, no DNS record'.
    Where should I define this record ? My nameservers are nszero1.axc.nl and nszero2.axc.nl.

    Thank you for help

    (you may answer in Dutch if you like)

  2. Theo Member
    Reactie geplaatst op: 16-09-2013 om 09:37

    Sorry, have solved my problem.
    Went to 'klantenpaneel', manage domain, select domain, nameservers, manage dns and changed default IP to my IP. Server can be reached now

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